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His poignant Muslims in other countries

March will soon be over. Late April. There is a custom of ignorance which we should watch out together as a Muslim; 1 April as April Fool's day. April Fool's Day itself is a day where people are allowed to cheat and lie to others. But do you know if it's actually April Fool's Day?
History of April Fool's Day
In fact, April Fool's Day is a celebration of victory over Spain killed thousands of Muslims by the crusaders who made via fraudulent means. For that reason, they celebrate April Fool's a way to legalize fraud and deceit while wrapped under the guise of entertainment or just a mere fad.
Usually people would say that April Fool's Day-which is only valid on April 1, is the day where we can and legitimate deceive friends, parents, siblings, or others, and the target should not be angry or emotional when he realized that he had April Fool's targets. Usually the target, if it becomes aware of April Fool's got, then he, too, will laugh or curse at least grudgingly, of course not a real upset.
Although not as popular as New Year's celebration or Valentine's Day, April Fool's culture in the last two decades shows a tendency that more and more familiar in our urban communities. Especially among the young. Also it is not impossible, in the future will also be extended to the people who live in rural areas. Ironically, people with this easy to imitate Western culture without mengkritisinya first if the culture is good or not, beneficial or otherwise.
April Fool's celebration begins with a great tragedy that is very sad and heartbreaking? April Fool's Day, or The April's Fool Day, originated from a single episode of the history of Muslim Spain in the year 1487 AD, or coincide with the 892 H.
Since the release of Islam in the 8th century AD by Commander tariq ibn Ziyad, Spain gradually grew into a prosperous country. Islamic forces have not stopped in Spain, but continued to liberation in countries around toward the French. South of France with easy release. City of Carcassonne, Nimes, Bordeaux, Lyon, Poitou, Tours, and so fell. Although very powerful, the Islamic forces are still providing tolerance to the Goths and Navaro in the area west of the mountains that form. Islamic Spain has been illuminating.
Because the attitude of Muslim rulers who was so kind and humble, many Spaniards who then, with genuine and sincere convert to Islam. Muslim Spain was not only Muslims, but actually practicing an Islamic life. Not just reading the Qur'an, but acting principals based on the Qur'an. They always say no to music, beer, free sex, and all things Islamic are prohibited. Peaceful situation like that lasted nearly six centuries.
During that period the unbelievers are still in existence around Spain strives tirelessly to clean Islam from Spain, but always failed. So sending a spy to learn the weakness of Muslim Spain.
Finally they found a way to conquer Islam, namely by first weakening their faith through street attack thought and culture. He began to secretly send them free of alcohol and cigarettes into the territory of Spain. Music is played to persuade the youth to sing and dance rather than reading the Quran. They also sent a number of false clerics to blow-niupkan split into the body of Muslim Spain. Over time this effort to fruition.
Spain fell and could eventually mastered the troops cross. Assault by the forces of the cross actually done by ruthless without knowing humanitarianism. Not only the Islamic forces who massacred, but also civilians, women, small children, old people. One by one region in Spain falls.
Granada was the last of the conquered regions. Muslim populations in Spain (also known as Moors) were forced to seek refuge in the house to save themselves. The soldiers continued to pursue their crosses. When the streets were deserted, leaving thousands of corpses stay lying bathed in a pool of blood, the crusaders learned that many Muslims of Granada are still hiding in the houses. With a loud shout of crusaders was the announcement, that the Muslims of Granada can get out of the house safely and allowed to sail out of Spain to bring the goods they need.
Islamic people are still suspicious of this offer. But some of those allowed to see their own Muslim ships passengers who had already been prepared at the port. Having actually seen a ship that has been provided, they were soon ready to leave Granada and sailed to leave Spain.
The next day, thousands of Muslim population of Granada out of their homes by bringing all things necessary, walk hand in hand toward the harbor. Some Muslims who do not trust the forces of the cross, choosing to survive and continue to hide in their homes. After thousands of Muslims gathered at the port of Spain, the crusader quickly searched the houses that have been abandoned. Looking flames licking the sky when they burned the houses together with Islamic people who still survive in it.
Medium thousands of Muslims who were stuck in port, can only be struck when the burning crusade also said the ships would take them out of the Spanish. The boats were quickly drowned. Thousands of Muslims can not do anything about it because it was not armed. They are also mostly comprised of women with children are still small. Who's the crusaders had surrounded them with drawn swords.
With a shout from the leader, immediately crusaders slaughtered thousands of Muslim Spain without pity. Takbir blaring screams and cries. The entire Muslim Spain in the harbor was discharged killed with cruelty. Pooled blood everywhere. Blue sea has turned into a dusky red.
This tragedy coincided with April 1. This then celebrated by the Christian world every April 1 as April Fool's Day (The April's Fool Day). On 1 April, people are allowed to cheat and lie to others. For Christians, April Fool's Day is a day of victory over Spain killed thousands of Muslims by the crusaders through fraudulent methods. For that reason, they celebrate April Fool's a way to legalize fraud and deceit even though wrapped in the pretext of mere entertainment or a mere fad.
For Muslims, April Fool's Day is certainly a very sad tragedy. Day where thousands of his brothers a faith slaughtered and massacred by the crusaders in Granada, Spain. Therefore, it is highly inappropriate that there is also a Muslim man chimed in celebrating this tradition. Those Muslims who celebrate April Fool's Day, so he actually celebrating the birthday massacre thousands of his brothers in Granada, Spain, 5th century ago.
So, look around you, your children, or yourself, may be exposed to cruel April Fool's wrap we unknowingly.


source from: http://eramuslim.com

Selasa, 30 Maret 2010

selling business

now I am very happy because my brother gave me by giving me a small sales business to scale and thank God it went smoothly so I am very grateful that the business can work to make money from the capital itself with my brother to sell this may easily be made I am getting my boost activity to be more diligent study.

Kamis, 18 Maret 2010

Make yourself always smiling

In the human daily life is inseparable from the problem that both at work and in life, Islam has taught to always smile even more problems or patience in dealing with a problem. smile is something that a reward of GOD ALMIGHTY for the smile is a prayer that the call to charity and that charity was a lot of reward for it in us let us content with a happy smile that our beloved person or community and looked at us, so that people's opinions are always good for ourselves and always do good against us, because people who smile a lot will get something good let alone someone had died with a smile insha allah circumstances it was that it would go to heaven god. to look at people we should always give something good to always respect our people because good people would be getting good, to let us smile so much within us is always embedded good behavior and something that people enjoy. hopefully a bit easier this discourse can provide inspiration for us all to always be someone who is always doing good and will get good. may be useful.

Kamis, 11 Maret 2010

remind yourself to death

In human life the most in fear is a death and it is common and has become an event that is in fear of death but is saved in the path to true life, death is anything that we decide on the life of the world and it is way to go to his place the truth is that life is eternal and immortal. indeed death is something that a lot of fear because people are going to die or they die assume a lot of sins, and not ready to die when it is a way to get to his actual life, and, therefore, let us remember the dead because many died is something very painful for those who many sins, but for many people who do good it will make him want to die quickly and his face to the god. I think in the study of religion Islam is one of his many sins to die a very painful it was because they were considered by the angel as a servant who never obey his commands and the god I know too that many ornag for doing good or that many people worship it be easy in the process of his death and it does not make him sick for themselves. therefore, let us remember the dead and many have a lot to do good and served well and really because everything is in view of god is good then good will arise within us and will always make ourselves as servants who were always in fear of fear with death because it was ready and felt sincere when god wanted to take him, we belong to god and god punyak to take our rights and the kit should be able to accept it. with me as the writer of this, let us always do good so that it will be easier when Sakaratul Maut (TAKE IN THE SPIRIT OF TIME Angel of Death), and so we do not feel pain in our death. its less and more that many mohom sorry. may be useful.

Senin, 08 Maret 2010

Want to be a good person

want to be a good person to have a staff that is all that helps someone to do something for a job that is considered not able to work alone in their own staff consists of the following abbreviations:
S: Siddiq (right)
Q: Tabligh (submit)
A: Amanah (so you can trust)
F: Fatonah (intelligent)

so in all the staff there must be meaning to do with holding the principle that staff can deliver and deliver right to the trust and has the intelligence that is needed is for everyone and if someone that already has all that it would be a people who are in respect of it in daily life, that's the knowledge I gained from studying religion in Islam so there was a word meaning and a specific meaning, and very few people know it's easy and I hope there are benefits to it. thanks.

Kamis, 04 Maret 2010

He favors a lot of patience and prayer

The first is that I am grateful to Almighty god who hears my prayer continues prayed for my desire was accomplished and achieved too late, it is a very historic event in my life, especially in its current Thursday of the year on 05 March 2010 is something very beautiful that the gods provided by the struggles that I go for 3 years of wanting to have a motorcycle, and thank God it tonight at exactly 20:30 my dream was to have been reached that has motorcycle bike despite its very inexpensive price but I'm very grateful because it could have it his own and purchased by me at my father and his lack of money added to my grandmother, I always prayed that the grant what has become my request and it has I have now and I am very happy and it really feels good to be patient in daily life, often times I feel jealous of friends who have used my bike while still using the bikes often are jealous and feel like how so, but I am very grateful that even though no mini bike is still a god gift to d should be thankful and enjoy and I am now better and I am very happy because the grant was what I had dreamed about, with this I really felt it favors the patient and the result is pleasure unexpected and it's coming from a god who in his servants give to a patient and submit to him, that's what I kerjaka all in my worship of Almighty god, therefore patience is the key to success in achieving something in the wants, of This is my history not be forgotten and this is the first time I wrote in my blogspot so I did not forget and I continue to remember the favor of the gods gave me this, I hope with this easy to me closer to god Almighty and harder to carry out his orders and away from his ban, it could be made for reflection on what a patient's need in daily life. thanks.