Minggu, 31 Januari 2010

17-08-1945 within the meaning of the Islamic religion in Indonesia

In the Islamic religion on the 17th of August in 1945 was a very close history with the teachings of Islam that is the number stored in the Islamic religious person and in the year 1945 was the year when the state began an independent Indonesia, I as a citizen of Indonesia is very grateful for Indonesia in the country saved a lot of very good science and its majority population of Islamic religion. and the meaning of 17-08-1945 is anything related to the activities that should be done by Muslims, here I will describe all of what 08 and 17 what what in 1945. His explanation follows me explain briefly:
17: The number 17 is all that matters in the work by Muslims during the day and night of prayers five times, ie Shubuh, dhuhur, ashar, maghrib, and the evening. and the sum of all of the work rokaat is 17. that's the meaning of the number 17 is a servant of worship day and night.
08: number 08 is a prayer that the reading at one time servant's prayer and prayer prayed at the time of sitting between two prostrations namely: Robbilfirli, warhamni, wajburni, warfa'ni, warzukni, wahdini, wa 'afini, wa'fuanni. if we are reading is the amount that is eight words that said so many benefits, and reading it is a mercy petition to the god of his people because a lot of sin.
1945 as follows:
1: number one is the most important role in Indonesia because the country why, it's because Islam religion worship only one god is god Almighty. and I mean if god is not necessarily a god and that god must have a god, that's my opinion.
9: number nine is taken from the fighters who spread the religion of Islam in Indonesia that many call the "Wali Songo" because the struggle of the propagator of religion Islam is a very smart in the Islamic religion and that all other not with the struggle of the Wali Songo.
4: number four is taken from legal sources in Indonesia are its December special religious law, and this is the Madhab of four who have knowledge of the sample by a citizen of Indonesia is, Madhab of Imam Shafi'i, Maliki Madhab Imam, Imam Madhab Hambali, and Madhab Imam Hambali, he is having all the legal resources in taught by the Prophet.
5: number five pillars of Islam is that its number is five and the pillars of Islam must be conduct that Islam among them as follows:
1. Creed
2. Prayer
3. Zakat
4. Fasting
5. able to perform the pilgrimage if his.
and it all is the meaning of 17-08-1945 that I tell to you all and this is December of science I studied Islamic religion in schools or in places of religious teachers. easy to use and hopefully become more or less it I apologize. thanks and congratulations to read her next lesson.

Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010

Messenger friends

In the Islamic religion is the prophet friend once who was instrumental in the Islamic religion, they are the successors to continue the prophet muhammad prophet muhammad legal law because the prophet Mohammed have said "come sunnahku and Sunnah khulafaurosyidin" therefore let us follow what is taught by our prophet muhammad is the prophet who will help us when we ask for help. and then between friends is a very important role is as follows:
1. Ali ibn Abi Tholib
2. Abu Bakr As Syiddiq
3. Umar ibn Khottob
4. Uthman ibn Affan
among them all is very helpful tenam prophet muhammad to uphold the Islamic religion in the world, therefore let us all to obey the prophet muhammad and his companions in order to uphold Islamic religion to survive in the world and the Hereafter. for god lawsuits have been explained if we are obedient to Allah SWT with obedience to the prophet muhammad as well as for her, therefore let us much closer to Allah and the sunnah prophet muhammad run properly and correctly so we will be people who in view of taqwa allah swt. with what we submit this is not another religious knowledge I gained through Islamic religious instruction in Indonesia. and this is the result of my religious study Islam well and istoqomah. hopefully its many benefits both for me and its general blogger for my loyal readers. thanks.

Jumat, 22 Januari 2010

Why god created the earth and everything in

Last night I studied religion in TPQ AL-IKHLAS is my place to study religion, there let me know that the gods created the earth and everything in it was not another goal was to make a life-caliph caliph in this world and the gods created the earth also for his servants and his servant who was in his care of the prophet muhammad saw. in my study of religion told me that god created all this for human life and a lover of his jeans.

in the Islamic religious leader of a slave people in this world is his prophet muhammad was a prophet and a messenger god who was loved by the gods in even a very high degree in the presence of Almighty god, he is the leader of the previous prophets and prophets among the other prophets most in love is a prophet because the prophet muhammad muhammad is his very same person with the AL-QUR'AN, therefore god is love and affection with this servant of the prophet muhammad. I am in the demand also in the Islamic religion told that the prophet muhammad was the first person to heaven and that terahir go to heaven. for the first input prophet muhammad god to heaven is no different and no not to intercede for his people, and his terahir time prophet muhammad in enter heaven is to bring relief to the people of his many sins, for tomorrow in the afterlife would ask the prophet muhammad his mercy to the people of many sins and many did evil in this world. it was the privilege of the prophet muhammad that god created this world and everything in for the prophet muhammad saw. therefore better for my loyal blogger readers let us increase our taqwa and faith to the gods and obey the messenger god who was tied with us because they will give us the intercession on the day of reckoning, let many Sholawat to the prophet muhammad and the many acts of kindness to we become slaves who are in gods and loved by Allah's Apostle. what I have to say this is my results to study Islamic religion, and science is the provision to me because it will be useful for children in tomorrow and my descendants to bring religion into the religion of Islam for a very well accepted in the society of his particular Indonesia. what I write here it will hopefully be easy to take his lesson that we are weak creatures and gods that gods are strong, therefore we should not be arrogant and should be able to have a good attitude. thanks.

It was a peaceful religion Islam

In the Islamic religion is in the business require ukhuwah (brotherhood) because it is a god commands and teachings of Prophet Muhammad in the religion of Islam was the religion and respecting differences of opinion, therefore religion Islam is a religion that is has the tenderness and soul of a very respect and have something different, therefore in this world of many religions that profess the religion of Islam and the most religious population is Islam, I have just learned in my Islamic knowledge which give it talks about brotherhood, in between his lessons that I received is that there are 3 that we must respect each other among them as follows:

1. Muslims Brotherhood

2. Brotherhood religious fellow

3. Brotherhood fellow human beings

that's what the religion taught in Islam that must be respected in national and state life.

1. Fellow Muslim Brotherhood: Brotherhood is a fraternal fellow Muslims to be tied on because in Islam, although we are not brothers on the basis of descent, but we are bound in the brotherhood of ketauhidan fellow fraternity on the basis of Islam and embrace religion with Allah commands.

2. Religious fellow Brotherhood: Brotherhood is a religious one another in our life not only in a society only by Muslims but also with people of other religions it is in the differences that we must be able to respect and kinship still connect in other religious communities.

3. Human Brotherhood: Brotherhood is built on the basis of our national and state life that we must unite to build our nation with the brotherly and honest behavior in the state and nation.

that's what I can only tell what I have gained in my study, what hope is easy I've mentioned it would be especially useful for me and him in general for faithful readers of my bloggers. thanks.

Minggu, 17 Januari 2010

God knows what is best for us

In this life we have not agreed with what is in us because we can not thank the good god, in all the religions have also explained that we had to make what has been given to us should be thankful for what there is in us that's mighty god who had created his creatures, sometimes we can not appreciate what has been given by the gods with pleasure pleasure we do not even want to be thankful with what has been given by the creator of god Almighty. Let us examine ourselves whether each of us has this become grateful in the face of god who has created us with the most perfect, but we do not want to accept what has been given, this can make this a lesson that we should assume good many of allah swt due to assume good will cause good to us and can make a guide that anything in this world is none other than the will of Almighty god and that no other in our study have been grateful for anything given to us we should be able to accept what has been given by god even though it was a very tough test though, it was merely to test our eyes how our faith if it is in trials by the gods give the Almighty, if we are in favor if it was given the gift, it can also be said trials because many people who favor no thanks from the grateful, that's life when we are close to god Almighty god willing, Lita will get help from the gods and we will get a high degree, therefore, let us acknowledge what has been given by god to us, why do I say this because the gods know what is best for his servant, let us bring ourselves to Almighty god that we are always good prejudiced against the gods who had created us. easily can be useful and hopefully touch the hearts of the faithful readers of my bloggers. thanks. it is less and more we are sorry.

Kamis, 14 Januari 2010

Prophets have god in pious

In the Islamic religion has a prophet who is very much for the pious but there were only 25 to be in by pious Muslims believe the prophet to be reminded that the prophet of prophets behavior that could in the example of Muslims, the prophet of prophets were also a couple of apostle . this is a prophet among prophets and messengers gods.

Prophets Adam, Idris as the prophet, prophets as Noah, as the prophet Hud, Sholeh as prophet, Prophet Abraham, Prophet Lut as, Prophet Ismail as, Iskhaq as prophets, as the prophet Jacob, Joseph as a prophet, as the prophet Ayyub, the prophet Shu'eyb as the prophet Moses, Aaron as a prophet, the prophet dzulkifli aces, as the Prophet David, Prophet Solomon aces, as the prophet Elijah, as the prophet Elisha, the prophet Jonah as the prophet Zechariah aces, as the prophet Yahya, Prophet Isa, and terahir is mabi the prophet Muhammad late age. between the prophet was a prophet who served as prophets and messengers, Muslims must believe in the prophets and messengers of god and the prophets and apostles was also a messenger who got the title of Ulul Azmi was the apostle who has ketuguhan choice, persistence, and patience in communicating mission to uphold the religion of Allah SWT. and his apostles among Ulul azmi is as follows:


1. As Abraham

2. As Noah

3. As Moses

4. As the Prophet Isa

5. Prophet Muhammad SAW

his prophets and apostles was he who had the title of apostle Ulul azmi who have the patience in the work of Almighty god. easily may we be the people who always uphold the religion of Allah and sacrifice for the sake of our beloved religion.

Selasa, 12 Januari 2010

Respect for fellow human beings

In world affairs we can not forget the religious and social, in living together with people we would also ask for help to them, therefore I will explain about how we if were desperate and no one to help us, in our religion has been told about how we should respect the religious and social to the society it should be we should be humble and polite behavior, that is characteristic of people who can rely on. in our daily lives should blend in with society and in different circumstances different beliefs, in that situation we show that Islam is the religion of peace and respect for fellow human beings and not act that makes people reluctant to see us. religion of Islam has taught that we are all in God's sight is the same but there is a difference and what distinguishes it is godly. what do we associate with fellow human beings in our society and morality how, that's what the religion taught in Islam, human beings really should be doing good for anyone not only for his own circle, but it must do good with a noble morality and in a polite attitude accompanied because humans who do not have it polite and courteous in my view is arrogant and can not manage his own self how we should behave in life with other people, it makes me eager to contribute input to we can all improve ourselves each with a lot closer to the creator so that the faith of our godly dn thickening and could provide the best in the eyes of God Almighty. easy to input a little hope I write this it can be useful especially for me personally and for his general readers my bloggers. good read.

Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010

10 Angel of God Almighty

In the religion of Islam was actually a lot of angels, but that the state is only 10, his angels god actually thousands and thousands of angels there are millions of angels, but even that mentioned in the Qur'an is 10 and among the angels all have their own task - own, including an angel god is as follows:

1. Angel Gabriel

2. Angel Michael

3. Angel Ridwan

4. Angel Malik

5. Angel Isrofil

6. Angel Izroil

7. Angels Munkar

8. Angel nakir

9. Angel Roqib

10. angel Atid

it's all go round the many angels mentioned in the Islamic religion, therefore loyal readers who believe, and let's Islamic religious faith in god angels, by our faith to the angel that god has guided us not to do a lot of sins that many , because the angel god it was a task of supervising human actions good and bad, we may easily farthest from the bad deeds and many acts of kindness.

Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

The order of love in the religion of Islam

In the Islamic religion was the order of love, in Islam we must not exceed than the human love of his god, because it is the forbidden in the religion of Islam, may but is likely to meet what he wants. and god Almighty ordered him to love more than anyone. it really does not need our gods, but, we are in need of the same god of all that, god commanded us to love him more than anyone because the gods are going to help us in the next?

outline the sequence of the human need to love:

1. Loving Allah SWT

2. Loving Prophet Muhammad

3. Loving Parents

4. Loving Teachers

and so on, it's just most of it but there are many more I have not mentioned, but its core is the first one we love is God because God Almighty who created us from nothing to be there, it all must be thankful because god created no other man only to worship and believe in him until the Day of Resurrection, may our love for god is a very pure love of our innermost hearts. thanks

Selasa, 05 Januari 2010

Remembering God's heart will be calm

True is a very in nature like the gods, an attitude which, frankly is cleaning the liver, the experience is proof that we are still a lot to learn. from this we must reflect that we all belong to Allah, and we will return to the land of our origin. the science of religion encourage all of us in order to remember the gods of our hearts closer and always be the best in view of god Almighty, then from it in the Qur'an has been mentioned that considering the gods we will become not just think about the world but also hereafter also become what we want to be happy. it all is the dream of all men to be someone who is useful to others around him.

when we remember how carefully this god was shaking and felt very close to our Almighty god, because god has said, "tell me that I was close to my servant" of this so all of us very close to god we can know how close his god to us it.

we sometimes forget that this has created us when we are desperately in need with the Almighty god and gods do not need us, therefore we have a lot of dhikr to remember god. because the god has said: to remember god will comfort our hearts. him with many people who are in gods then that person will get the privilege of not having someone else, namely a lover of Allah and those who have become beloved god that person will get what his name is excess surplus KAROMAH a person has a very close to the gods and a lot of remembering the Almighty god.

for all the loyal readers, let us increase our faith and godly in the presence of Almighty god with many acts of kindness and provides many benefits to all people, God willing, we will be good in the eyes of men and gods in the eyes of the Almighty. hopefully this will easily give us the wisdom that can lead to step closer to allah swt. Subhanallah

Minggu, 03 Januari 2010

Losing founding fathers

A few days before his nation specifically Indonesia has lost the father of the nation Kh.Abdurrahman known bully who called Gusdur, he was a father of the nation who can bring people into the democratic Indonesia as well as his political party have the PKB Gusdur that can bring Gusdur to the bench this president is a very in fond of society because he is a very close little community, even in the state court even though that invite people into small, because he said that this palace of the people for the people. Indonesia was the nation lost a very impersonal can respect others.

in his life Gusdur is a very on favorite by everyone not only in Indonesia but also in foreign countries, because he is someone who can bring peace to his nation and the nations of others, it was so noble a Gusdur, I was a wing of NU I very proud to have such a noble leader like Gusdur, because he is a good successor to develop the first Nu brought by his grandfather and then led by his father and led by his own, was a descendant of a successor brought the religion of Allah swt well, I do not think anyone could like him because many people who argue that Gusdur was the beloved of Allah (Wali Allah). and lover of God is a very close to God Almighty. sugguh I can not speak a lot about him because a lot of benefits that yelah in the nation he left behind him a nation Indonesia specifically. I hope that after the lack of Gusdur, science has given to the nation in Indonesia will continue to be in the Practice of his generation.
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