Kamis, 25 Februari 2010

Her beautiful faith

In the human life can not be separated from religion and religion is advice to be more closer to what we create this in our religion to have faith demands a thick and must be able to keep themselves from sin, for we can always remember with god Almighty we must have faith that thick and must be filled with lots of worship continue to diligently and must be a servant who could in view of god as a creation god of his command and was able to avoid the ban, my own as a weak creature did not escape from sin and my want to improve themselves well and can be good in view of Almighty god, for my faith is extremely pleasure must be thankful for and should be on guard it well because it is the grace of god who has chosen us to be true Muslims and can enforce the good behavior and correct, and shows good deeds and avoiding everything forbidden by God in us, so from that faith is a very nice favor and we should be thankful for and we can keep it well because our religion is great in suati in life because religion is all something very important in daily life and we are also able to learn well and correctly in the life of this nation in the world. it was beautiful favors that have been given by God then we must keep well and correctly. easy to hopefully what I have to say can be useful and could be a lesson for all of us it. thank you for his attention.

Rabu, 24 Februari 2010

Started and finished in worship

In everyday life we are always doing activities and in activities must have a prefix and suffix so in doing something to someone in initiate and to initiate an activity that is the prayer of invitation to read Bismillahirrahmanirrahim and after doing the job must read ALHAMDULILLAHIROBBIL ' alamin that is in teaching in my daily life and it is Sunnah apostles and those who follow the Sunnah apostles will get his intercession when we're in the netherworld, in all matters when the prayers start with it would be more confident because in addition we've tried to learn as well be in prayer as well, and accompanied it was also part of our worship of Almighty god, therefore all Muslims to let us invite all Muslims to read a lot BISMILAHIRRAHMANIRRAHIM in an activity started and ended with a reading activity ALHAMDULILLAHIROBBIL'ALAMIN, thereby making ability for the people of Islam and it will make things much easier it becomes and we are sure will always be close to Allah and do not forget that the gods of our omniscient and viewed by the gods if we include those who lucky or someone lost it all depends on the charity of our worship, easy hope what I give could be useful for my own particular and in general it was for my loyal reader blogger, for her less than I apologize for that big of him. good read.

Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

daily life in the house

In the house were many lessons to be taken and adhered to and hrus in that it is legal for a child must abide by regulations made by the head of the family of our parents and it is the rules that created so that the house was occupied like heaven in the world can enjoy the family. therefore better life in the house must be in order to always be adhered to something that can be applied in the society, it is a service that should always be done at home and in community life. from this we can take all the wisdom of how a child who had to follow a father and his mother, and must abide by all the things in the order was considered as do worship in a child to his parents, for myself I did not join the my parents but I also keep what has become the order that was violated by not going to do my religion and my nay will stick to what has been commanded by a person older than me therefore I speak but I also have to work on their own It is a commandment taught in my religion and I also learned how a child must be obedient to her parents, is that I can easily convey the benefits and hope to have it and about it I apologize that big of him.

Selasa, 16 Februari 2010

2 pantunn islam

why write on glass
better to write on the table
why would cry for love
better to weep for sin

many people give advice
and can not run the Shari'a
many people do pray
but also run disobedience

Recognition of his servant to the god

O gods of this weak servant
O thou my gods strong
whether I deserve it applies arrogant
on earth that you created

my gods, O servant of many sins
oh my gods if I deserve
a servant that you enter into heaven
while I was not strong in hell that you created
for those who many sins

enough for me, O thou my gods are number one
all requests only to you alone and willing to run your command
all this I do just want to be a servant who is always good and right.

Selasa, 02 Februari 2010

Paradise Key

In the Islamic religion had a key to heaven and it is believed to Almighty god and god away from his ban, it is not able to achieve quickly in that struggle requires a very long time and have a sincere and able to do good and avoid the many prohibitions that the view that god made a god is not pleased with our deeds, let us do much more good because it will bring us good rewarded and evil many would lead us into the action which is not in the liking of Almighty god.
in the religion of Islam is that his name and the keys of heaven heaven's key is that his sentence is the sentence that shows how much we are creatures of the most vulnerable god god is strong and we as humans are weak and a lot of sin, and from the earlier I have not mentioned is what is key to heaven, heaven is the key phrase "LAILAHAILLALLAH" It is a very basic sentence once the Islamic religion because it is the key to paradise for Muslims, I never asked my religion teacher if Muslims have a key to his heaven means that if someone who no religion Islam does not get to heaven: and my teacher said is true so my religion teacher explained that people who are not religious Islam can not go to heaven because heaven key phrase itself is a show of unity of the faith of a servant to his god , that is what I learned during Islamic religious study, and I am very grateful Islam has become, and I tried to be a good servant, and can do good in this world by running away from Allah and what is forbidden by allah swt , easy to hopefully what I write here can be a lesson for me and him in general can take the benefits for my blogger readers, it is less and the more I apologize for that big of him. we may be a good in view of our god.